Adjusting to my new world

Mom & Ben came to visit and it was great!….. to see people I know, to laugh, walk, hike, eat & laugh more with people I love. I wanted them to stay…….forever – but they had to get back to their worlds. I cried. Being alone has been such a challenge for me, I’m such aContinue reading “Adjusting to my new world”

First days in the Ahwahnee Kitchen

I finally got to start working after I took a mandatory class on how to serve alcohol responsibly. hahahaha…. everyone has to take it even if you’re not serving booze. I still have more corporate indoctrination classes to look forward to, but I couldn’t start working until I took the alcohol class?? Moving on…. IContinue reading “First days in the Ahwahnee Kitchen”

Gratitude and Excitement

This last week…. before I leave has been…surreal, busy, yummy, funny, sad, crazy, reflective, heart warming and exciting. I truly do have the best people in my life. I have received the most thoughtful gifts, funny gifts, totally necessary gifts, phone calls, emails, texts from so many  people. All sending their love and best wishes. Lunch withContinue reading “Gratitude and Excitement”