It was six months ago that we started this adventure. I can hardly believe it’s over, I’m sad and relieved all at the same time. Taking this journey with these people as been an amazing and very entertaining experience. There were times of stress, frustration, relief, anger, exhaustion, but mostly I remember how much we laughed and laughed. I want to thank you all for being who you are and bringing such a great mix to our class. Schellie, Gina, Rebecca, Amy, Matt and Sam you guys are Awesome! Chef, Carla, Laura and Brenda, thanks for EVERYTHING, you will forever be in my heart for all you’ve given me. OK moving on before I get all boo hoo.

Rumor had it that we were going to get cool new hats!
Graduation was on a clear crisp chilly Sunday. Lots of family converged on the area to get a peek at the rumored new hat. This is a photo of us waiting to start the ceremony.
There was a reason we were all looking a bit nervous and or anxious. We were all curious to know our final scores and if we would graduate with merit or distinction. Chef made it a surprise or you could say he likes torturing us. Making us wait until the very end to announce it in front of our families, I’m going with torture. So we wait tortured….. merit? or did we make it to the top….. distinction?!
So here we are, Best Class Ever!!!
Sam graduated with completion.
Schellie, Rebecca and Matt all graduated with Merit.
Gina, Amy and myself all graduated with Distinction.
How cool are the Hats?!?!?!

Here is a shot of the #1 student this session and second highest score EVER!
Thanks to all my classmates, Chef Laurent especially, you will always be my Chef.
Big GIANT thanks to my James, for supporting me with your love and being the best friend and taster any cook could have. I love you madly.
So now what? Stay tuned!