My week of French Food

This week was all about France, we did Quiche, French Onion Soup, Poule au Pot al Creme, Coquille St. Jaques Provencal, Boeuf Bourguignon, Poulet Chassuer, Escargot a la Bourguignon, Crepes, Tarte Tatin, Duck a la Orange, La Bouillabaisse Provencal and Riz de Veau Braise aka Sweet Breads. The Sweet Breads were the star of thisContinue reading “My week of French Food”

Week 4 all things from the Sea

Fish week was entertaining, delicious and exhausting.  The pictures will tell the stories. These are Red Snappers about to get filleted.  This is breaded Red Snapper atop mashed potatoes in a butter caper lemon sauce. Crawdads are fierce little F*ckers, they don’t like it when you pull out their intestines while they’re alive, I didn’tContinue reading “Week 4 all things from the Sea”