Week 4 all things from the Sea

Fish week was entertaining, delicious and exhausting. 
The pictures will tell the stories.
These are Red Snappers about to get filleted. 
This is breaded Red Snapper atop mashed potatoes in a butter caper lemon sauce.
Crawdads are fierce little F*ckers, they don’t like it when you pull out their intestines while they’re alive, I didn’t like it either. These guys were a lot of work, won’t be going here anytime soon, if ever.
This is bacon wrapped Monkfish, atop Mushroom Duxelle in a Crayfish aka Crawdad sauce.
Steamed Mussels in white wine and butter.
pan seared Sea Bass on rice pilaf with Mussel sauce
the line in action- court bouillon (for poaching Halibut) -Veloute sauce- saute’d spinach
poached Halibut atop saute’d spinach with Veloute sauce.
my mise en place for the Prawn plate
pan seared Prawns with julienned veggies and sauce Duglere 
these are Salmon Mousse simmer/cooking.
Salmon Mousse with a lemon thyme beurre blanc sauce.
Ah Friday, last dish and lunch of Ahi Tartre with a lovely french Pinot Gris. School is so fun !

5 thoughts on “Week 4 all things from the Sea

  1. Uncle Dennis

    Sarah, This new site is bitchen!! We’ll be mooching off you in July, Auntie & I are going to Catalina July 21 – 24. We want to come a day before and stay a day later and stay with you guys. We can’t wait to see you!!! BIG SMOOCHES!!

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