Pine Nut Tart

This is April’s take on a treacle tart, a favorite English dessert. The magic ingredient is Lyle’s Golden Syrup…’s Happy and Glorious, says so right on the can…love it.When I started this project, I had a crazy list of items to be on the lookout for, things not normally found in American grocery stores. Lyle’sContinue reading “Pine Nut Tart”

Nouvelle-Orléans – NOLA – The Big Easy – N’awlins

My Mom and I just returned from a Culinary and Cocktail tour of this amazing city with so many names. Here is a visual tour with plenty of my personal commentary.After flying all day, we arrived in hot & humid lovely New Orleans. Our first stop was the Cocktail Museum inside the Southern Food &Continue reading “Nouvelle-Orléans – NOLA – The Big Easy – N’awlins”

Guest Blogger #2 Home brewing with Cameron

For your blog reading enjoyment may I introduce my friend Cameron…. He makes Beer and he was so kind to share his mad skills with us. Take it away Cameron…… Mmmm beer. Thought I’d input a little beer knowledge into this food blog, thanks Sarah for the forum. Thought I’d do a couple different posts. This firstContinue reading “Guest Blogger #2 Home brewing with Cameron”

Guest Blogger #1 Texas Egg Rolls by Doreen

There is a cool story about these tasty Texas Egg Rolls. Doreen used to be a rep I worked with in my previous career, part of her job was to wine and dine us…..hehehehe. We had a favorite place for lunch and we’d always order Texas Egg Rolls, it was our thing. She loved themContinue reading “Guest Blogger #1 Texas Egg Rolls by Doreen”

Chicago = Friends, Food & Fun

I love Chicago!! for so many reasons…… My friends Deborah, John and Ostin live there. Lake Michigan is so big it looks like an ocean. They have real butcher shops…..unlike the OC The food/dinning is AMAZING. The L is cheap, fast, always good people watching and you feel like you’re in a movie when youContinue reading “Chicago = Friends, Food & Fun”

Brown Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes

Look at these lovely little morsels of YUM! I discovered this recipe last year in the magazine Fine Cooking, it was a fall issue and I love pumpkin, I mean really LOVE pumpkin, so I made it. First try…. totally blew my mind they were so good. Made it for a few gatherings last holidayContinue reading “Brown Butter Pumpkin Cupcakes”

New Favorite-Hibiscus Flowers in Champagne

Ok I’m going to geek out for a moment and share a new fav of mine. Hibiscus Flowers in champagne. Pretty, Yummy and Tasty. Eat the flower when you’re done with the champagne, it taste like fruit roll ups. Prosseco works just fine if you don’t have champagne.You can get the flowers at Bev Mo orContinue reading “New Favorite-Hibiscus Flowers in Champagne”