Surprise !

>Surprises are the BEST ever !!! My friend Kim, her husband Artie and my husband James set out to rally my people to surprise me with a gift. To say I am a hard person to surprise is an under statement. Yes I am a control freak, so what ??!! Kim was stealth and steadfast, as were all the lovely friends and family that chipped in to buy me the Grill I’ve been coveting for months. Isn’t it cool ??

I came home from the farewell ( I’ll explain in a minute ) happy hour my coworkers and friends put together to find Artie and James rushing to set up the grill.

James made a card with every ones well wishes for my new and exciting future.

This made me cry, all the love and well wishes were overwhelming. To have so much support as I take this huge leap into a whole new world is so encouraging. 
This September 13th, I will start my new adventure in the Culinary world at Laguna Culinary Arts in Laguna Beach, CA.
I will attend their Pro Chef program for 6 months and then who knows what will come next…… all I know is, I am the luckiest girl in the world !
Huge thanks to you all for being in my life, I love you all madly! 

Kim you are totally amazing, I so wish you lived next door. Hugs to you and Artie. To my James, thanks for being mine and believing in me, I love you always. Cheers !

5 thoughts on “Surprise !

  1. >You deserve it Sarah. The reason your friends chipped in is because you are such an awesome friend to us! You are gonna be an amazing professional chef and Kim and I call dibs on the best table in the house for opening night, when you open your first place.

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