my world got tossed around a bit

Trying to think of an excuse for my lame ass blogging efforts as of late….fact is I’ve been straight up lazy in regards to my blog. I think about great ideas all the time… King Cakes! I made them for the first time and they came out completely amazing, but the moment passed to quickly,Continue reading “my world got tossed around a bit”

Nouvelle-Orléans – NOLA – The Big Easy – N’awlins

My Mom and I just returned from a Culinary and Cocktail tour of this amazing city with so many names. Here is a visual tour with plenty of my personal commentary.After flying all day, we arrived in hot & humid lovely New Orleans. Our first stop was the Cocktail Museum inside the Southern Food &Continue reading “Nouvelle-Orléans – NOLA – The Big Easy – N’awlins”

Chicago = Friends, Food & Fun

I love Chicago!! for so many reasons…… My friends Deborah, John and Ostin live there. Lake Michigan is so big it looks like an ocean. They have real butcher shops…..unlike the OC The food/dinning is AMAZING. The L is cheap, fast, always good people watching and you feel like you’re in a movie when youContinue reading “Chicago = Friends, Food & Fun”


I am home… happy to be here – back on the coast – in my house with my man and my dog….life is good. My last week in Yosemite was great! James came up and lived in my dorm room with me for a few days. He got to experience my life in the Valley…..heContinue reading “Home…Busy….Excited”

Soaking up the valley

Since my time in the valley is coming to an end soon, I’m out braving the cold to see as much of it as I can. Still no snow but plenty of ice……. burr!…after awhile your face gets numb…seriously you can’t feel it. Here are some shots from my four mile stroll yesterday, it wasContinue reading “Soaking up the valley”

Gratitude and Excitement

This last week…. before I leave has been…surreal, busy, yummy, funny, sad, crazy, reflective, heart warming and exciting. I truly do have the best people in my life. I have received the most thoughtful gifts, funny gifts, totally necessary gifts, phone calls, emails, texts from so many  people. All sending their love and best wishes. Lunch withContinue reading “Gratitude and Excitement”

Texas and the Gilded Life!

Spent this last weekend in Dallas, Texas with the Gilded Life Girls. They bought this Church 4 years ago and turned it into a huge home where they have these amazing art retreats. This weekend 55 women from all over the country converged on this amazing space to attend this event. My Mom’s people come fromContinue reading “Texas and the Gilded Life!”