So I’ve been hard at it the last couple of days, working finally……it’s awesome! The day is a blur and then it’s over. It’s getting cold, snowing up on the range above us – we might get snow but probably not in the valley.

I got to eat fried Turkey Butt yesterday….amazing! The kitchen is busy prepping for Thanksgiving….the pastry kitchen will be making Turkey shaped pate a choux – it’s a cream puff pastry shaped like a turkey, dipped in chocolate and filled with ice cream, super cute. The remainder of our pastry menu consists of pumpkin cheesecake, mincemeat pie, berry pie and pumpkin pie all with fancy sauces and amazing presentation. I’m working my first night shift today, looking forward to the change up in duties and learning more. So tonight I’ll be riding my bike home in the dark vs. riding to work in the dark. I ride really fast in case a bear decides to say howdy while I’m rolling along. It’s so cold in the morning while riding to work my eyes water immediately and I’m sure one day soon my tears will freeze on my face…….yikes!

I also got some fantastic news last night, a lifetime friend of mine has been battling the big C and he is now in remission. Life is good, oh so good.

Here are some pics of the last few days.Vernal Falls from the bridge- mist trail is already closed for the seasonUp at the tree line on my way to Vernal FallsThe canopy… silent and beautifulMama and her babyUnion march to HRCops showed up, It’s like I’m living in another worldThis is a cake we did for a couple folks retiring from the NPS, picture of Yosemite and the Grand Tetons. 4 color process photos transfers with edible ink.My grocery store…..empty parking lot!! For anyone thats ever been here you never see this in the valley in the summer.It’s fall here….for real. Being the So Cal brat that I am, this has been pretty cool for me.

Tomorrow I’m headed into “town” Merced to meet up with my cousin Jennifer and see the movie!!! so excited!

Then I drive south Tuesday for 5 days, can’t wait to be home with Jim and Lily!!

My new 4S is waiting for me too….woohoo!!

6 thoughts on “Work…..finally

  1. Chevo

    Coming from that beautiful landscape should now be a shocker arriving to that new country “Orange County”….I’m sure you’ll ajust!

    Love ya,

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