Arriving in the Valley

The drive went well, cruised through LA at 6am with no trouble, almost unheard of at anytime of day. Hit Fresno around 9am, ran some last-minute errands, then the 41 and me spent a couple of hours together. I love this entrance to the park, saw lots of snow at the top of the pass and all the way into the valley floor. Coming out of the tunnel and having your breath taken away…no matter the season – it gets me – every time.Checked in with human resources -filled out tons of paperwork -got fitted for my chef whites and then the housing adventure started. My housing guy, he works for employee services, was a nice guy with tons of patience. We headed over to the Ahwahnee dorm building -WOW….. the folks that work in this valley, get here and never leave it seem. Most are older and MOVED in! The rule is everyone has a roommate – during the winter months the park employs half the people that it does in the summer, so lots of rooms are left with one resident. The other half of your room must always be left vacant and ready for a roommate to move in. I saw at least 5 rooms that were completely occupied by one person who was dug in deep and these gals were not afraid to say “NO! I do not want a roommate” Think hoarders….. really, I’m serious. Some of these gals have been in their rooms for years and most had little furry hamster type pets….WTF! oh and all their rooms reeked like cigs! My very nice housing guy showed me more and we finally found a room with an empty tidy side, so I moved in. The room is tidy, on the second floor and I don’t have to walk to the bathroom in the snow. My room is in an old dorm style building from the 40’s, spacious room, big closet, ladies restroom and showers on my floor. I couldn’t have asked for a better situation during the winter.

I made the rounds checking out the wellness center, the loft, where employee’s hang out play pool, eat pizza and drink. I am so the new girl here. I proudly tell each person I meet that it’s my first day as an employee. It’s cold here, in the 30’s at 6:45 pm and dark…..really dark at night. I’m totally geared up with the North Face and snow boots, but no one else is. They all have sweatshirts on a tennis shoes….wtf? I’m so the new girl….LOL

It’s weird being alone. My Mom and Ben will be here Saturday can’t wait!  Here are some pics from a walk on my first morning.

15 thoughts on “Arriving in the Valley

  1. Chevo

    This looks so beautiful! Once the local’s get to know you and your warm personality, they’ll be calling you thier lost sista….
    So glad your following your dreams on this awesome journey..Rock on.


  2. Kernal

    Classic! Just like college, but NOT! What will you do until you start work on Thursday? Drink beer and play pool – that’s what!!!!! Do you need me to send you some books? Lemme know. Boots are cute – glad you toes are warm! And here’s a great online reader that was started by Dave Eggers, one of my favorite authors… lots of submissions every day. You can start with this one…. LOL:


  3. Cameron M.

    Beautiful pics! You’re so SoCal in all your snow gear 🙂 Glad to hear all is well, hopefully we can come up and see you there!

  4. Esmeralda Howe

    So inspiring Sarita! Keep the pics coming! So glad your taking this journey. Can’t wait to keep reading your blog.

    Love Esmer

  5. Mom

    Wow…again. Great shots, you could make a calendar out of them. What fun, you’re off at boarding school, kinda. Can’t wait to check out your scene. Love

  6. oh beautiful sarah, henry and i are beaming love and hugs. i agree with your other friend above… these people will be falling all over themselves to find you and hang once they realize how awesome you are. love love.

  7. Great shots Miss Sarah, so beautiful…glad you found a nice nest and that you are working your away around…no are a star and being a nubie is cool…Go get em girl…peace and love and fun, M

  8. Sarah,

    What a great opportunity! And could you possibly ask for a more beautiful place? I think not. Looking forward to following along on your incredible journey through your blog posts. Many blessings. MELBA

  9. Auntie S

    I’m enjoying this vicarious adventure…and it is that! You can’t go wrong when you have that scenery right outside your door! Stay away from the smokers though. I think you should introduce Auntie Blanche’s English Pies to Yosemite. LOL from your NW home!

  10. Lisa-marie

    OMG!!!! I want your life! How fabulous…..really, you’d have to pinch me every 5 minutes! I would LOVE to come while you’re there but started a new biz and can’t find the time to turn around! Just breathing is a challenge so I will now do this vicariously through you! You are my hero and I am so proud of you. Can’t wait to see you when you get back and give you the super chef challenge…….dinner for gluten free vegetarians! We’re no fun but I know you can come up with something! Love you girl and miss you something awful! Have such a wonderful adventure! Xxxooo. Lisa-marie

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