Where have I been….?

I was on a good roll there for the month of February…..and then things changed, more on that later. In early March my darling Son and I met in Seattle to visit family, cook, blog and have fun. I had a plan to bust out several of the seafood recipes in April’s book. Seattle is teaming with the best from the ocean. My beautiful and wickedly smart sister works in Pike Place Market so I knew she could guide me to the best of the best for ingredients. She has a very keen sense for seeking out the best places to eat. Every single spot she has every recommended has been special, unique and amazing in some way. kidnsisThis is my Kid and my Sister, aren’t they amazingly gorgeous people? This day started out a bit blurry for the three of us. To sooth our fuzzy heads we had breakfast at Le Pichet, a lovely little french bistro near the market.amforchampsPate and wine for breakfast?? YES! The kid had the baked eggs, see them all blurry in the back of the photo? The first time I had them I was hooked, came home and blogged my own version. I later created another version that was mentioned in a New York Times article last summer via my contribution to the summer 2012 Casa Laguna Inn breakfast menu. octoMy Sister toured me around to all her favorite vendors at the market to search out the items I had planned to cook/blog for April’s book.crabcrowd My plans suddenly came to a halt. The first day I arrived, my brother came by the family home looking very sick, he had been struggling with something for a while. Not having health insurance he didn’t seek care thinking he would overcome whatever bug had grabbed him and taken him down. His appearance was a shock to us all and we urged him to see a doctor right away. He was in pain, had lost weight and looked worn down and tired. Within the four days that we were in town, he saw a doctor at a clinic in his neighborhood, was rushed in an ambulance to the hospital downtown and admitted to the  oncology floor…….wtf?!?!rainer

This is the view from his hospital room on the first day he was admitted. That is Mount Rainer off in the distance, clear blue skies in Seattle…rare. So we wait and wait to find out what is going on. Tests and more tests… so many questions? no answers. waiting…..

This is me and my Brother. I love him dearly. He is currently in the fight of his life, he has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. It all happened so fast, on a Friday he was admitted to the hospital and on Monday he started his first round of chemo.

Why are we still pumping cancer patients with toxic poison?

When I returned home and started to rethink some things in my life, as most do when served up news like this, more change came along. I have left Casa Laguna Inn and I am now working at the Montage Laguna Beach in the Loft as a line cook doing dinner. This new job is pushing me further and faster in my experience and education. So as for blogging April’s book, I still am but a much slower pace. The cooking and photo taking is still going on but posting has been slowed by my new schedule. Working nights is quit the adjustment for me. I rarely see my husband, family or friends, but it feels right, I’m busy…learning tons everyday. It’s good to be busy. I need to be busy now.

My brother is going through treatments and we wait and wait for good news. Send your white light, good vibes and all your positive energy out into the universe for him please.

Next up Lamb Meatballs with Yogurt, Eggs and Mint…….

6 thoughts on “Where have I been….?

  1. Julie K

    Tell me, is there just “Plain” octopus at the Pike Market? That fancy looked fun, but just wondering…. More big hugs to your family!! Miss you, friend.

  2. Nancy Andrews

    So sorry to hear about your brother. My own brother went thru chemo treatment over a year ago for colon cancer and survived. So think positive, keep the faith, and continue to bless us with your recipes and photos. You have a beautiful family Sarah!

  3. Uncle Dennis

    Sarah, I have been thinking of my family and praying for Justin’s recovery. A total upsetting scene for my nephew. I am hoping your strength and new job help you deal. I am looking forward to your next blog. Love,
    Unc D

  4. Zaida

    :- ( Luv u Sarah Lee Jackson and praying for your brother! Damn can’t believe Ben is a full blown MAN now.. Where’s lil’ Ben?!

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