I was asked to be part of a cook book last March

I had about 5 days notice to contribute a recipe for a pie and write a story about how this pie is like me….seriously?

The pie came to me instantly

Writing about how this pie is like me?? This is the part where I froze in fear

Thankfully I have this amazing friend who is a whiz with the written word. A huge THANK YOU to miss amErica for taking my pie and making it sound like me..hahahahaha

It’s a cool book, check it out and let me know your thoughts, seriously send me some comment love 🙂

Click below to see my pages from this project


The book hit shelves February 1st, you can also buy the book online at Amazon.com

Thanks to Jo Packham for having me be part of this book and to my Gilded Girls for thinking of me, I’m dang lucky to have known you both all these years, love you long time always.

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