Tamarind Juice

One of the ingredients for Peanut Sauce is Tamarind Juice. You can find compressed brown blocks of Tamarind wrapped in plastic at Asian markets. Rough chop the Tamarind and place in a glass bowl.

Pour hot water to cover, let cool and soften.

Once cooled massage into a pulp, let it rest to thicken up. We call this making poo. Kinda gross but it’s yummy.

Drain with a strainer and set aside for the Peanut Sauce.

One thought on “Tamarind Juice

  1. >Sarah's approach via Su-Mei to food is more than just that, it's about the larger picture, it's about love, peace, respect from the planet and what can be done with it's bounty. Just make some Tamarind Juice then you'll now

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