Texas and the Gilded Life!

Spent this last weekend in Dallas, Texas with the Gilded Life Girls. They bought this Church 4 years ago and turned it into a huge home where they have these amazing art retreats.

This weekend 55 women from all over the country converged on this amazing space to attend this event. My Mom’s people come from Texas and Oklahoma, so hanging out with these women made me feel like I was with family. It was all of 5 minutes and I was y’all’in with the rest of them. It’s so good to get out of your own bubble and meet new people, everyone was so nice, friendly and funny. I laughed ALOT this weekend.

I was there to cook for these lovely creative women and this is the kitchen! Not a bad place to work at all.

 I brought my girl Jenny to help out and we banged out yummy food all weekend. We got so many great compliments and face to face thank you’s from everyone.

Seriously the people I met will be in my life forever, so many crazy cool babes!!

Big thanks and LOVE to Debbie and Shea, cheers for having me be a part of your amazing event and for this……

Debbie and Shea shared my adventures with Jo Packham the editor/creator of Where Women Cook and she asked me to be part of their summer issue. Look it’s me in a magazine!! Thanks Jo for the great opportunity!!